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My Little Pony: The Movie

  • HD 720
  • Views: 1313
  • Comments: 00

The king Shtorm wants to deprive of a pony of magic and takes Kanterlot. Under the threat all Ekvestriya's future! To stop the villain, ponies leave the native land and go to the travel full of miracles and dangers. They should conquer magic mountains, to plunge into the underwater worlds and even to appear by the flying piracy ship!

6.1 4717

The Greatest Showman

  • HD 720
  • Views: 604604
  • Comments: 00

Phineas Taylor Barnum always dreamed to become history, but all his occupations didn't bring him pleasure. And when, appear, the whole world has turned back against him, he decides to go after the dream. Barnum creates fascinating representation sensation which became the birth of world show business.

7.7 162613

Love Beats Rhymes

  • HD 720
  • Views: 5050
  • Comments: 00

The main character — the young black girl Koko who dreams of career of the rapper. And she has for this purpose all data — she is good herself, possesses a quite good voice and writes how she considers, qualitative texts on topic of the day. Koko is sure that her talent easily can cause admiration in the real judges of a rhyme. To be convinced of it, she begins to attend poetry courses in local college. Here only professor Dixon teaching in this educational institution, at all to Koko, not delighted with a recitative. He manages to open eyes of the new student that the rap and poetry are two absolutely different things which can't also be compared. Trying to understand himself and to open new sides of the talent, Koko goes to a travel on poetic and to rap clubs where to her it is necessary not only to know better himself, but also to find love.

5.2 606


  • HD 720
  • Views: 2525
  • Comments: 00

Талантливая Келли мечтает стать танцовщицей, но ее родители против. Вся семья отправляется в Индию для участия в свадебной церемонии, на которой Келли влюбляется в новый стиль танца и человека, который танцует его.

5.3 463

Beauty and the Beast

  • HD 720
  • Views: 471471
  • Comments: 00

The angered Magician has turned prince Adam into a disgusting monster for the fact that that was evil, vainglorious and rough. To remove charms from itself and servants of the lock, it needs to learn to be kind, to love and be darling. It has to occur before from the rose presented by the Magician the last petal falls.
In the far small village there lives a beautiful girl by the name of Böll. Once her father Maurice goes to a fair, but on the road goes astray. Having appeared in the bewitched lock, he becomes captive Chudovishcha. Böll hurries to the father to the aid.

7.2 218905


  • HDCAM 720
  • Views: 378378
  • Comments: 00

"Smallfoot" overturns the myth of bigfutah upside down. In it a young resourceful Yeti is faced with the fact that his deep conviction that there is no man. News on "smolfute" brought him fame and a chance to win the girl of his dreams. And yet-cause a stir among ordinary Yeti who now wonder what else lives in the big world outside their small snowbound villages.

6.8 4079

The Swan Princess: A Royal Myztery

  • HD 720
  • Views: 181181
  • Comments: 00

In the Kingdom, there is a strange character called "Z". He brought with him a mysterious sign. The Swan Princess is to unravel this mystery along with his loyal friends. The show began to gain fans, as soon as the first trailer was release. This film pleases with its new episodes for a long time. And this time the fans are waiting for new fascinating stories.

5.2 41

I'd Kill for You

  • HD 720
  • Views: 184184
  • Comments: 00

What is the first love? She gets deeply into heart and remains in it forever what wouldn't be the end of vzaimotnosheniye. The same has happened also to Sean: love has played a dirty trick with him. Having got acquainted with Kate, he has lost the head and has agreed to go for murder if only his girl was happy. What will this love lead to? Whether Sean will kill the person or will see reason eventually.

4.5 71


  • HD 720
  • Views: 270270
  • Comments: 11

About fifty years ago at the power plant located in the town under the name Seabrook there was an accident as a result of which the most part of the population has turned into the zombie. Not to kill these beings, but to keep them under the general control special bracelets which sent electric impulses to cases of emergence of appetite and desire to regale on human brains have been invented, and then the zombie continued to exist quietly. The wall built around the infected zone also helped to constrain all who have accepted an appearance of a walking corpse. This territory has been called as Zombitaun. Other part of Seabrook continued to exist, as before.

6.4 1751

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