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Cassidy Red

  • HD 720
  • Views: 106106
  • Comments: 00

Action of the movie happens in the 19th century in the south of the USA. The capricious daughter of the prostitute and the hitman goes to revenge the corrupted sheriff and his henchmen for murder of the beloved from the tribe of Apaches.

4.3 108

The Scent of Rain & Lightning

  • HD 720
  • Views: 315315
  • Comments: 00

When the young woman learns that the murderer of her parents was released from prison, it faces that it should heal old wounds again. In this process she learns the destructive force of hatred and understands the true price of family secrets.

5.1 651


  • HD 720
  • Views: 1 2231 223
  • Comments: 00

When on your eyes blood when you are forced to kill flows, you turn into an animal … After long years of war he breathed rage, damned red-skinned, in each of them he saw the enemy. On the result of war the captain Bloker receives the order to bring home to Montana the dying leader by nickname the Yellow Hawk. In chains and shackles it conducts seven Indians through lands where hostile tribes live and fugitives from justice where behind each stone the danger of death waits disappear. Somewhere on the way to Bloker's group the widow who was distraught with grief in the face of whom comanches killed her children sticks. This meeting changes everything …

7.2 44662

Valley of Bones

  • HD 720
  • Views: 157157
  • Comments: 00

2700. Valerian and Lorelin — space special agents who as obliges got mixed up in suspicious business and became involuntary participants of whether an intergalactic plot, whether swindle of the fancy settlers of the planet the Alpha who arrived there from various worlds from all corners of galaxies.

4.2 412


  • HD 720
  • Views: 319319
  • Comments: 00

The next adventure of Wild Bill Hikok — the American hero of the Wild West, the legendary shooter and the intelligence agent.

4.7 1957

The Stolen

  • HD 720
  • Views: 247247
  • Comments: 00

A story about the woman who should look for the kidnapped son in others and hostile world where continually she is trapped by new danger.

5.1 679

The Dark Tower

  • HD 720
  • Views: 1 8441 844
  • Comments: 00

Наш мир — не единственный из существующих. Заклятые враги Роланд Дискейн, последний из ордена стрелков, и Уолтер О’Дим, известный также как Человек в черном, ведут извечную борьбу. На кону — мифическая Темная Башня, последний оплот и надежда вселенной, без которой мир будет повержен в полный хаос и разрушение. Силам добра и зла суждено столкнуться в последней схватке, ведь Роланд Дискейн — единственный, кому под силу остановить Человека в черном, прежде чем тот разрушит Темную Башню.

5.7 99285

Dead Again in Tombstone

  • HD 720
  • Views: 156156
  • Comments: 00

Guerrero Hernandez, the forced servant of a devil, goes to the world live again, and the trip promises to be devilishly fascinating. This time Guerrero should protect the stolen relic from paws of Jackson Bumer and his gang, but Jackson will not stop before anything to revive the fellows from the dead and to arrange hell on the earth. Guerrero should use all the powers of darkness to defeat Bumer and to find atonement … or again to die.

4.2 622

Painted Woman

  • HD 720
  • Views: 518518
  • Comments: 00

In the center of a plot Julia Richards is a servant of rich mister who replaces to him all: the mistress, the friend and a pear for a beating. Once to service to her mister there comes Frank Dean - the cruel murderer - for the unknown reasons credible Julia. Whether he will save the girl from her mister or all this a trap that most to seize the charming lady?

6.9 1512

The Ballad of Lefty Brown

  • HD 720
  • Views: 235235
  • Comments: 00

Elderly friends Lefti Brown and Eddie Johnson all the life worked together. Sudden murder of Eddie is forced Lefti to come out of the shadow of the partner, now he should resist to ugly realities behind limits of justice.

6.2 3301

Any Bullet Will Do

  • HD 720
  • Views: 2 3642 364
  • Comments: 00

In 1876, Montanada, the author of a great hunting city hunting for breathtaking hunting, rescued Bebo from Neba.

6.7 31

Gone Are the Days

  • HD 720
  • Views: 1 7901 790
  • Comments: 00

In the middle of events is a famous American gangster named Talon Flynn. There were times when he kept all the United States of America at Bay for days and nights. Now he is an elderly, sick criminal who is forced to live out his life alone. The thing is that he has a daughter with whom he has not talked for a long time. He left the family when she was a little girl. The man would have died alone, if not for one sad news. It turns out that his daughter urgently needs help. And the father decides to go back to work and rushes to the aid of their own flesh and blood.

4.9 343

Dead Men

  • HD 720
  • Views: 594594
  • Comments: 00

The movie will tell a story about the taking place events in the Wild West couples centuries ago. There the rules and the laws to which some didn't submit. Always the strongest survived, courageous and resolute. Weak nobody appreciated therefore it was necessary to put himself before society at once. In those days in the Wild West the real disorder and lawlessness reigned. Many made illegal acts and didn't bear any responsibility and punishment for it. The young guy who has a few years ago lost the father who has died by hand the villain appears the key hero.

4.6 173

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